Beach Wedding on Seychelles – Part I

I have never been a girl who was dreaming about a prince, a long white dress, or a perfect, expensive wedding. Actually, I was the type of girl who would go to other people’s weddings just to get some free drinks and dance and bet how long their marriage would last. However, as most of the other girls I still did have my romantic side, and only one wish “if I ever get married to do it on the beach barefoot“. So one day the Universe decided to make my wish come true and he decided that I will marry Chilean on the beautiful beach in Seychelles.

After 4 years of “turbulent and long-distance” relationship it was time to make some big decisions. So one day I said to my Muchacho “or you are marrying me or I am leaving” and that was it – sorry ladies to disappoint you but no engagement ring, no romantic proposal, no dinner with candles, no sweet talk. We set the date, first it was November, and then we moved to February and then I didn’t believe it anymore until it would happen.

As we live in Dubai and we are from two different countries, from two different continents we had to think of a simple and fast wedding that wouldn’t require much paperwork. I had a friend who did it on Seychelles before me and she shared the agency and all other details with me, so I decided to follow her steps. As I am a planning-freak I started the process 4 months before just to be on a safe side. I have contacted the agency, chose the package, chose accommodation, found a dress, checked the weather, went to Bosnia to translate the birth certificate, hosted my parents in Dubai and the next thing I remember – we were at the airport.

On 25th Feb 2018 after 4h of flight we have landed on the beautiful tropical island of Mahe. Mahe is also the biggest island where the capital city of Victoria is located. We booked accommodation on Eden Island which had a great location. Half an hour after landing we were already in our little villa in the middle of the mini jungle. They also gave us a little buggy to drive around the island and to the nearby mall. After a short break, we took the buggy and decided to explore our little paradise. The weather was cloudy and the storm was coming but we didn’t care. We were admiring the green lush hills, the fresh air, the smell of the salty ocean, and little crabs on the white-sand beach. After a while, it started raining so we have decided to go back home and enjoy the view from our terrace before the “big day”. We were exhausted both mentally and physically and before 9 pm we were already sleeping. Honestly, I don’t remember the night I slept so good and relaxed – zero “bride to be” stress.

The storm is coming

26 Feb finally. The agency Marco Pross took care of everything, and we only had to show up at 1 pm when the driver was supposed to pick us up and take us to the beach. As I heard this agency is held by Sonja and Marco who run away during the Balkan war in the 90s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to meet them, however, it went through my head how small the world really is.

That morning I opened myself a beer and started doing my make up and hair at the balcony and Franco went to swim a little bit. No special wedding dress, no hair dresser, no make up artist and the most important – no stress.

15 minutes before the pick-up time it started raining again and they sent us a message from the agency to ask if we would like to delay the wedding for the next day. We both said “no” at the same time as we didn’t want to waste one more day and go through this process again. Soon the driver picked us up and took us to the beach called Anse Intendance. After 45 minutes we arrived and my braid maid was waiting for me to give me the flowers and take us to the pavilion. We walked through some mud for a few minutes before we saw a beautiful pavilion on the beach.

And that was the last time his friends saw him….

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