I am Starting my Yoga Journey

Who would have thought that I would be starting my 200HR Hatha Yoga TT certification in the midst of this bizarre year? Besides living through a pandemic, my husband’s job loss, and open myomectomy surgery that restricted my physical activity for a few months, the Universe gave me a chance to start working on one of my goals when I least expected it.

I always planned to do my 200HR yoga certificate on some secluded retreat in Thailand or Bali after a few years of regular practice. However, they say that life is what is happening to us while we are busy making another plan. And here we go, I am starting my certification this year in Dubai. Although, I don’t think I am physically ready I have still decided to go for it. I might never teach people yoga, but, doing this will keep me engaged and motivated to keep pursuing my dreams, to stay healthy and fit, and to build a regular practice.

I remember I discovered yoga at a very young age. My grandmother had a book called “Hatha Yoga” written by Eva Ruchpaul who was one of the first female yogis in Europe. After reading the book I started doing some postures at home and I found them enjoyable. However, life took me in some other direction so I forgot about my yoga practice until I moved to Dubai.

I started going to classes for the first time in 2016. At that time one yoga teacher was offering free yoga classes in the park by the seaside. I would go to the park with my friends once a week as I was searching for a job and didn’t have money to pay for classes.

In summer 2017 I went to a yoga studio that was close to my place and paid a beginners 10-classes package. I tried different kinds of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga for Beginners, Balance, and the one I liked the most was Ashtanga. On average I would visit the studio between 4 and 5 times per week. After a few months, I stopped going as I had lots of expenses around my driving license, parents’ visit, wedding, and house movement.

I visited few times Bikram yoga studio which was more affordable at that moment and when I moved to another area I totally stopped going to my regular studio. However, in summer last year I decided I should go back as I needed some kind of filter to help me cope with everyday stress and long working hours.

In August I organized my time and went to classes after work or during the weekends. After a few classes, I already noticed that I am getting stronger, more flexible, and relaxed. When I couldn’t go to the studio, I would do some poses at home on my terrace, especially during lockdown when the studio was closed for a couple of weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month the marketing team in my company asked me to do a yoga class for our employees for International Yoga Day – 21 June. Although I don’t have the experience in leading classes, I decided to do it and I loved it. So, when my yoga teacher suggested me to start a yoga teaching certificate, I thought why not?!

Yoga is not only about flexibility and poses, but it is also much more than it and I can slowly start my journey, learn about pranayama, understanding the philosophy behind yoga, learn about anatomy and teaching styles, and later when I am able to exercise again, I will deepen my asanas. So, let’s embrace this journey and have fun on the way! 🙂

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