About Me





Hi, my name is Dijana, and welcome to my page. I was born and raised in a small heart-shaped country Bosnia and Herzegovina. During my birth, my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and I could not breathe so the doctors rushed to take me out of my mom’s womb. I was saved and I came to this world to follow my dharma (Sanskrit word for fate). When I was 5 years old the war started in my country and my childhood was stolen. Four years later the war finished and I survived.

In 2011 I finished my master’s in Business Communication and in 2012 I left my country for the first time. I went to work onboard cruise lines and I spent the next 2 years sailing around the world. This period was one of the cornerstones of my life when I realized that my home country is too small for me and that out there the world is waiting to be explored. In 2015 I am moving to the Middle East to one of the most famous cities in the world – Dubai.

The beginning in Dubai was tough as I ended up working in the hospitality industry, however, in 2017 I am changing my job, and in August 2017 I am attending my first yoga class. Ever since then, I embraced my journey and I feel that yoga is the path I need to follow throughout my life.

Last year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, three months after open stomach surgery and one step away from bankruptcy I have decided to do my Hatha 200 TT Yoga Certification in the yoga studio where I attended classes. That was one of the smartest investments I did for my mental and physical health and probably one of the most beautiful memories I will bring with me.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, unity, and freedom.