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hey you!

(Pink Floyd)

Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, don’t help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fightHey you out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone
Would you touch me?
Hey you with you ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out
Would you touch me?
Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?
Open your heart, I’m coming homeBut it was only fantasy
The wall was too high
As you can see
No matter how he tried
He could not break free
And the worms ate into his brainHey you, out there on the road
Always doing what you’re told
Can you help me?
Hey you, out there beyond the wall
Breaking bottles in the hall
Can you help me?
Hey you, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall!

This song is so powerful and touching. There is always light at the end of the tunnel even though we might not see it. I feel like the song is calling us and talking with us, saying that we should never give up no matter what. Especially today when our lives are changing in so many unprecedented ways.

What is your favorite song from Pink Floyd?


Kathmandu Wedding Bells (Part I)

I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells. I bow to the place in you that is love, light and joy. When you and I bow to our true nature, we are one. My soul recognizes your soul. We are the same, we are one. I honor the place in you that is the same as it is in me.

So much love and peace and meaning behind simple Namaste!

I had Nepal on my bucket list for quite some time and mostly because of the Himalayas. However, as I still don’t have enough money, stamina and courage to visit the base camp (I have no interest in climbing the summit and ending up frozen across the mountain like 200 other bodies found until now) I decided to opt for free drinks on the wedding of my work colleague in Kathmandu. I was also attracted to Nepal because of it’s people who are one of the most peaceful and welcoming people I have ever met. In Dec I have received a beautiful red invitation written by the hand of his uncle. The tradition in Nepal requires the oldest family member to invite the guests and his uncle was the eldest. The wedding was planned to last for 2 days with the first day being the most important one.

So here we were, 6 of us, flying in small Fly Dubai Boeing, drinking beers and looking forward to this “cultural” trip. On 24th of Jan 2019 for the first time in our lives we have touched the ground of Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. If you have Bosnian passport like me you can get tourist visa on arrival which costs 25$ for 15 days. Before passport control you are required to fill in “arrival card” and after that you need to visit the airport kiosk and fill in the online form. After you fill the form, the kiosk will give you a little paper and with that paper you will go to cashier to pay for the visa. After the payment you will proceed to the passport control and immigration. If you are lucky (and I am obviously not!) you will go through it fast. Otherwise, you will end up 1 standing 1 hour in a line waiting for deadbeat officer to ask you questions like “When you were born?”, “What is your name”, “Where are you going?”. Finally after this torturing we were outside the airport trying to avoid taxi scammers. Our friend told us to look for registered stand and to negotiate the price before so we followed his advice to get to the accommodation. We booked little hostel Peacock close to Patan Durban Square. During the taxi ride I spotted the tangled electrical cables, dirt, crazy traffic which is so typical for Asian countries and I could still see the consequences of 2017 earthquake.

Tangled Electrical Cables

After a long 45 minutes, we have finally arrived at our destination. Peacock has 7 rooms in the offer and they are not made for people taller than 1.60 cm. However, they were a super cute mix of old and new, wooden rugs, electrical blankets, gas water heaters, and coffee machine, hence I was ready to live like a hobbit for the next 4 days.

In the evening we went for dinner in a probably overpriced, nearby restaurant where I ordered traditional dish Dal Bhat (“dal” means lentils and “bhat” stands for rice) and mulled wine. For beer lovers, I would recommend ordering 650 ml beer Mt. Everest which does justice to its name. After the dinner, we went for a walk around Patan Square built in distinct Newar architecture style which is a mix of woodcarving, stone, brink, and brass craftsman and belongs in the list of the highest achievements of humankind (I read that somewhere). Around the square, there were so many little streets and pathways with cute cafes, rooftop bars playing rock silently, Hindu temples, and stray dogs.

Peacock Hostel

By midnight I was in bed, but all my hopes for a good night sleep were flushed down the toilet. I could hear people shouting, moving house, the dog was barking and as soon as I closed my eyes I could hear my alarm buzzing. At 9 am the driver picked us up and took us to the groom’s house were we have received with a warm welcome and attention. Most of the women were dressed in red sari’s because red is considered to bring love and happiness to the newlywed home, so if you are not sure what to wear to Nepalese wedding you will not make mistake with red dress or any other detail.

Funny fact: I have left my mobile phone in my husband’s car and only figured out when I was already at the gate. And as one of my friends said I was “shamelessly taking photos with my big iPad for the next 4 days”.

Top 5 advice to young people

Today, there are so many ways to improve your skills and knowledge. In the following post, I would like to highlight my top 5 advice to young people.

1. Learn some other language, preferably English. Why? Because English will open you many doors to travelling, studying and working. Because today it is it embarrassing to say that you don’t know this language. Thankfully, I had a chance to study English in elementary and high school so I had a good background. At the university, we didn’t have it so I decided to do an English course after the lectures. Later, I started meeting people through Couchsurfing network so I had a chance to work on my communication skills. Finally, after I went to work onboard the cruise line I had a chance to actively use it every day and to improve it.

Currently, I am also studying the Spanish language through Duolingo application. Duolingo is my favourite application for studying languages and it doesn’t require lots of time. You can set up an application to 15 minutes each day or longer. If you spend lots of time commuting you can listen to Spanish podcasts or you can read simple Spanish books. If you have more suggestions on how to learn other languages please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

2. Learn Excel and other MS Office programs. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you will do tomorrow, knowing how to use Excel will probably be useful to you. You can use it to prepare different reports, to sort and filter data, to calculate different formulas and financial analysis, to prepare charts and tables. You can also use it for calendars and schedules, for inventory, goal tasks and for the mailing list. So far I had so many different jobs and in most of them, I had to use excel on a daily basis. If you want to get skills to work as a financial analyst you can try the course on Udemy.

3. Volunteer. There is nothing you can compare with the feeling that you helped somebody or made their life easier or better in a certain way. There are so many organizations where you can volunteer and it won’t take lots of your time. You can volunteer with children, with elders, with food and clothes donations, for environment protection or something similar to your interest. Of course, you can also volunteer to help yourself as well. There is nothing wrong if you wish to learn something new or to develop your network further. I used to volunteer for the Feminist Organization in Bosnia which opened me the doors to a Peace Camp. At the Peace Camp, I met a girl who told me about the project called “Europen Rails of Peace” where I applied and was chosen to represent my country. During my studies, I did an internship in a PR agency and I participated in the project called “Women in Politics” where I met some pretty amazing and successful women. Recently, I was chosen to volunteer for Expo 2020 held in Dubai, however, due to Covid19 Expo was postponed to 2021.

4. This could be very easily the most important thing you need to master – Finances. If you master this while you are young, your life will be much easier later. Unfortunately, the schools don’t teach us how to manage our money, how to invest and how to save. Considering that I also made a few mistakes which I am still paying off, a friend offered to make me a financial plan and she changed the way I approach money. There are many things that we can do. Firstly, stop spending money on things like clothes, beauty treatments, the newest phone models, cars, cigarettes, alcohol, clubs, cinemas and material things that are just making more clutter around you and on your bank account. Before you buy something to think very well do you really need it or you just want it (usually it is the second one). And if you decide that you need it and want to buy it try to stick to the following saying: “Buy less, choose well, make it last“. Secondly, read books, listen to podcasts and watch videos about investing money and passive income. If you have some hobby or talent try to monetize it. You can also sell photographs, templates, or if you have IT skills you can make an application or work as a freelance. You can also teach the English language online. Currently, I am following Gillian Perkins youtube channel about finances, investments, entrepreneurship and start-ups. We can’t all be businessman buts we can all learn how to manage money, instead of letting money manage us.

5. Think Positively. If you don’t think positively, you will always blame others for your shortcomings and instead of solutions, you will see problems, and instead of thinking why you can or should do something you will think why you can’t do that. Try to stay away from the victim or “I can’t do that” mentality. There are lots of bad things out there, but there are many beautiful as well. Of course, there will be times when we will have lots of problems, stress, family deaths or diseases, however, it is important to understand that is simply Life. Don’t let negative emotions overwhelm you, because you will create a chain of negativity and you will chase away half of your friends as nobody likes emotional vampires.

What advice would you share with young people? Share in the comments.

Santiago de Chile – Upoznajte Chile


Lagano umire onaj koji ne putuje,
onaj koji ne čita,
onaj koji ne sluša muziku,
onaj koji ne nalazi zadovoljstvo u sebi.

Lagano umire onaj koji uništava vlastitu ljubav,
onaj koji ne prihvata pomoć.
Lagano umire onaj koji se pretvara u roba navika,
postavljajući sebi svaki dan ista ograničenja,
onaj koji ne mijenja rutinu,
onaj koji se ne usuđuje odjenuti u novu boju,
onaj koji ne priča sa ljudima koje ne poznaje.

Lagano umire onaj koji bježi od strasti
i njenog vrela emocija;
onih koje daju sjaj očima i napuštenim srcima.

Lagano umire onaj
koji ne mijenja svoj život
onda kada nije zadovoljan svojim poslom
ili svojom ljubavi,
onaj koji se ne želi odreći
svoje sigurnosti radi nesigurnosti,
i koji ne ide za svojim snovima;
onaj koji neće dozvoliti, niti jednom u svom životu,
da pobjegne od smislenih savjeta.

– Pablo Neruda –

Ne sjecam se tacno kada i kako sam razvila interesovanje za ovu daleku zemlju. Sjecam se da sam odgledala film cija se radnja desavala u Chile-u i da sam poslije tog filma procitala knjigu od Isabel Allende i mastala kako cu jednog dana i ja putovati u ovu zemlju. Ali, nikada mi ne bi palo napamet da cu nekoliko godina poslije biti udata za Chileanca i zvati ovu zemlju svojim trecim domom.

Ove godine sam prvi put putovala sa F. u Chile (a ujedno i Juznu Ameriku) da upoznam njegovu zemlju, porodicu i prijatelje. Chile je zemlja vulkana, zemljotresa i cunamija, ali i zemlja palte (avokada), opustenih ljudi, boema, umjetnika i ulicnih grafita. Zemlja predivne prirode koja je sa istoka okruzena Andima, a sa zapada Pacifickim okeanom. Za mene savrsena jer ja volim prirodne ljepote i jedva cekam da dogodine putujem na Jug i u Patagoniju.

Santiago de Chile, pogled sa brda Cerro Santa Lucia

Krajem maja smo rezervisali direktan let sa Emirates aviokompanijom iz Dubaija za Santijago uz kratko stajanje u Sao Paolu (Brazil). Let je trajao 21h i vratili smo se 9 vremenskih zona unazad pa smo kalendarski stigli isti dan kad smo poletjeli. Preko booking.com smo rezervisali sobu za dvije noci u hostelu Casa Baquedano u centru Santiaga. Ukoliko ste ponosna vlasnica bosanskog pasosa viza vam nije potrebna i mozete ostati u zemlji do 90 dana. Potrebno je samo prijaviti cariniku gdje cete boraviti i on ce vam dati mali papiric koji cete sacuvati dok ne napustite zemlju.

Santiago je glavni grad smjesten u centralnom dijelu zemlje. Grad ima mediteransku klimu sa dugim i suhim ljetima i mokrim i hladnijim zimama. Obzirom da je Chile smjesteno u juznoj hemisferi proljece je tamo od septembra do novembra, a jesen od marta do maja tako da smo mi stigli pravo pred pocetak zime kada je vec zahladilo.

Ukoliko kao ja imate neko osnovno znanje spanskog jezika i radosno mislite da cete konacno moci vjezbati konverzaciju dopustite mi da vam odmah kazem da je Chile najgora moguca zemlja za ucenje spanskog. Ovdje se ne govori spanski, vec chileanski koji podrazumijeva prebrz govor, chilenizme, drugacije izgovaranje slova “S”, “D” itd., tako da je velika vjerovatnoca da ce bilo kakav pokusaj konverzacije zavrsiti i prije nego je poceo.

Unutrasnjost Universidad Catolica de Chile

U Santiago smo stigli kasno uvecer pa smo otisli pravo u hotel da se odmorimo i naspavamo. Vec u 8h ujutro smo bili na nogama i krenuli u turisticko istrazivanje grada. Jutro je pocelo setnjom kroz glavnu aveniju La Alameda (rijec je arapskog porijekla koja oznacava aveniju sa drvecem) na kojoj su smjestene skoro sve bitnije gradjevine: Nacionalna biblioteka, univerziteti, Centralna metro stanica, Gabriela Mistral kulturni centar, muzeji, Predsjednikova palaca La Moneda, brdo Santa Lucia, itd. Vec nakon sat vremena hodanja odusevila sam se parkovima, drvecem, zgradama prekrivenim biljkama, fontanama, statuama, skrivenim crkvama, opustenim ljudima, ulicnim grafitima i ukupnom atmosferom. Iskreno mene je ovaj dio Santiaga podsjetio pravo na Beograd, a zbog okolnih planina mi je pomalo licio i na Sarajevo. Sve u svemu dovoljno da se osjecam kao kod kuce.

Cerro Santa Lucia – ulaz sa La Alamede

Sa uzurbane La Alamede smo skrenuli prema brdu Cerro Santa Lucia na cijem vrhu je Pedro de Valdivia, spanski konvikstador iz knjige Ines moje duse od Isabel Allende, objavio osnivanje Santiaga 1541. godine. Na ulazu sa avenije u park nalazi se mala fontanica sa stepenicama koje vode na sljedeci nivo parka. Na svakom nivou imate malo setaliste, park ili klupicu gdje se mozete odmoriti. Prije samog vrha nalaze se vrlo uske i strme stepenice koje vode u malu tvrdjavu sa koje se pruza pogled od 360 stepeni na grad. Ulaz je besplatan, ali ce vas cuvar zamoliti da se upisete u knjigu posjeta.

Cerro Santa Lucia – Santiago

Nakon kratkog predaha u ovoj oazi mira izasli smo sa druge strane brda u boemski kvart Lastarria. Lastarria je kvart sa evropskom arhitekturom, kaldrmom, zanatskim kaficima, prepun umjetnika, turista, restorana, barova i ulicnih grafita.

Ulicni grafiti, Barrio Lastarria

Tu smo popili kaficu i nastavili dalje prema kvartu Bella Vista. Bella Vista je jos jedan boemski kvart prepun raznobojnih grafita, ulicne umjetnosti, studenata, kafica, umjetnika i burnog nocnog zivota. Ja sam zeljela da obidjem kucu Pabla Nerude “La Chasconu” (u slobodnom prevodu “zena kovrcave kose”) nazvanu po njegovoj zeni Matildi. Medjutim, ponedjeljkom posjete nisu dozvoljene pa mi je ostalo jedino da uslikam par slikica i isplaniram posjetu njegovoj drugoj kuci “La Sebastiani” u Valparaisu.

La Chascona – jedna od tri kuce Pabla Nerude – dobitnika Nobelove nagrade za knjizevnost

Nakon posjete lijepoj La Chasconi nastavili smo dalje prema brdu San Cristobal (Parque Metropolitano) koje se smatra jednim od najznacajnijih urbanih parkova Santiaga.

5 minuta od La Chascone nalazi se funicular (uspinjaca) koja nas je odvela do vrha brda sa kojeg se pruza divan pogled na Santiago i Ande. Do vrha mozete stici i pjesice, zicarom, biciklom ili autobusom. Ovo brdo je ustvari najvisi dio najveceg urbanog parka u Santiagu i na samom vrhu je smjestena bijela statua Djevice Marije. U podnozju statue nalazi se mala kapelica u kojoj je Papa John II drzao misu 1984. godine. Odmah pored kapelice se nalazi i zid zelja i zahvalnica. Ukoliko vam se neka zelja ispuni onda ostavite neki privatni predmet ili poruku sa zahvalnicom Djevici Mariji. Iako nisam religiozna osoba energija kojom je ovo mjesto zracilo mi je prijala i sve mi je djelovalo bas onako zen i opusteno.

Nakon San Cristobala i predjenih skoro 20,000 koraka spustili smo se uspinjacom nazad i vratili u Patio Bella Vista na rucak. Tu sam probala i svoj prvi Pisco – bijeli brendi koji se proizvodi u Chile-u i Peru-u. Nakon rucka vratili smo se u hotel gdje smo odspavali prije vecere sa svekrom.

Moji prvi utisci o Santiagu su bili pozitivni iako naravno kao i svaki drugi glavni grad ima svoje mane: beskucnike, pse lutalice, sitne kriminalce, djeparose i razbacano smece. Ali, mislim da uz malo opreza i zdravog razuma, neku udobnu obucu i lijepo vrijeme vrlo lako bih se mogla navici na njega.

Ono sto mi se takodjer dopada u Chileu, a sto sam dosad primijetila jeste da vam uz kafu uvijek donesu gratis casu mineralne vode, a u pepeljare stavljaju kafu da neutralise miris cigara. U javnom prevozu ce se uvijek pojaviti neki umjetnik, muzicar, pjevac, glumac da vas zabavi i na taj nacin pokusa zaraditi pokoji pesos. Kod nas u Bosni prose, a ovdje pjevaju. Dubai je vec posebna prica, jer tu niti smijes prositi, niti smijes pjevati. 🙂

Avokado je pravo jeftin, prodaje se svuda i jede se uz sve. I najbitnije za jednu bosanku jeste da obozavaju hljeb. Ljudi su dosta opusteni i skloni flertu, a njihove zene su mnogo prirodnije od nasih. Stavljaju minimalno sminke, jednostavno su obucene i rijetko koja ima ofarbanu kosu ili plasticne nokte. Svi su prijateljski raspolozeni i nema veze sto vas vide prvi put u zivotu obavezno ce vas poljubiti jednom u obraz i zagrliti.

Bienvenidos a Chile….

Nastavak slijedi….

Patio Bella Vista

U nastavku idemo u Renacu, Vina del Mar i Valparaiso….

Sutjeska National Park – Bosnia and Hercegovina

Some call me Nature, others call me Mother Nature, I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years. Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you. I don’t really need people, but people need me. Yes, your future depends on me. When I thrive, you thrive. When I falter, you falter or worse (?) But, I’ve been here for eons, I have fed species greater than you, and I have starved species grater than you. My ocean, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests, They all can take you or leave you. How you choose to live each day, whether you regard or disregard me, doesn’t really matter to me. One way or other your actions will determine your fate not mine. I am Nature, I will go on, I am prepared to evolve, Are you?

Julia Robertson as the Voice of the Nature

My homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina has amazingly beautiful wild nature, however it also has citizens who don’t appreciate it and dream about visiting some other far away destinations. Before, I was one of those people as well. Today, each year I am looking forward to those few days I will spend with my family exploring the beautiful mountains, forests and lakes that my little country has to offer.

Volujak mountain

Two years ago I have found my new favorite spot – Sutjeska National Park. This park was established in 1962 and is a perfect place for people who love wilderness and untamed natural beauty. The park is located between beautiful mountains Zelengora, Maglic (the highest peak in BiH), Volujak, Leli and Vucevo which form together Dinaric Alps.

Here you will also find river Tara and Piva, lakes Trnovacko, Orlovacko, and many other mountain lakes with endless views of lush green forests. The park is getting more and more popular each year especially in summer when it is hosting a music and entertainment festival famous by the name OK fest.

Sutjeska Monument

In June 2017 I did rafting with my family on the Tara river in camp Highlander. River Tara is called a European jewel because of its turquoise-blue color, the deepest canyon in the Europe, and adrenaline rafting that it offers. Tara together with river Piva forms river Drina, one of the most important rivers in Bosnia.

Unfortunately, the weather was not welcoming as we have hoped and it was raining most of the time. And when it rains in Bosnia it only means one thing – you will be freezing soon. What was supposed to be the nice sunny weekend it turned out to be cold, muddy and freezing, hence we decided to do what we could so we sat around the campfire and ate enormous amounts of Bosnian dishes prepared in special Bosnian style called “ispod saca“.  Although, it was raining our rafting trip was packed with funny and enjoyable moments as we were surrounded by beautiful nature and we had a very nice guide and a very young group.

In the summer of 2018, we went to the hotel “Mladost” for 2 days and we chose to do hiking to heart-shaped turquoise lake Trnovacko. There are no words to describe the beauty of the views over the lake and the mountains.

We left our hotel around 8 in the morning and by 9 o ‘clock we were at our starting point – Prijevoj. Our initial plan was to go to Trnovacko lake but in the meantime, we have decided first to hike the Maglic summit then to go down to the Trnovacko lake from the other side of mountain.

Sometimes when you find yourself in the middle of the vast mountainous area you realize how small and insignificant you are. I always remember my favorite quote from John Muir: “Walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer. Camp out among the grasses and gentians of glacial meadows, in craggy garden nooks full of nature’s darlings. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings, Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but nature’s sources never fail.

That day I still remember, all around us endless peaks of mountains, green forests, untouched wild nature, beautiful green heart-shaped lake, the feeling of peace, and a deep connection with Mother Nature. We spent the whole day outside, walking for more then 10 h, our faces and noses were red, our feet sore, but our hearts were full. And that is the reason why I love hiking and exploring so much, I love being in nature, far away from madding crowds, from city noise and pollution.

Trnovacko Lake

It is about time to reclaim the culture of conscious mountaineering, the culture of living in harmony with nature, and the culture of health and fulfillment. Mountaineering is not only walking and sweating in rough terrain. It is a healthy way of life, thinking, going back to our roots, a time for self-reflection, and meditation. There is no hurry in hiking, you notice each cloud, each insect, each sound. You hear the birdsong, the roaring of the wind, and the sounds of water springs.

If you are inspired by nature please check the series “Nature is speaking” on YouTube.

Prijevoj – Starting Point
Sutjeska National Park
Sutjeska Monument